Enhancing each child’s ability to process knowledge through a certified academic system, that unifies the best of the world internationally accredited learning systems.

We are a team of skilled academics from all over the world, brought together through a curriculum that is meant to kick-start and enhance your child’s ability to process information, and get ready for the long trip in academia. Our goal is to make his/her learning a smooth process, starting from just three months old, and up to 12 years of age. Schooling doesn’t have to be a hectic process, if the child is made ready for it from infancy.

  • My child is 4 month old and I couldn't imagine that he's able to do things , he do in this nursery...for sure the hygiene , care etc. are the most important things here but besides it I'm surprised about the academic part here..he can know the difference of colours , animals etc and show it to the teacher...(if anyone interested , can send a video private ). Staff is nice , friendly , care well for my baby boy...baby room is secured well...very happy and recommend it to everyone

    Moni Kaa
  • I enrolled my daughter when she was 11 month and I am very happy as the nursery is very promising and they truly take care of the kids as if they are there parents, i noticed this myslef when i used to go with my girl the first week. They have foreign teachers which ensure your child will learn the 4 languages accent perfectly. The nursery is very entertaining with lots of gardens and games, the nannies are super clean. The adminstration is very professional who has a solid experience and has a message who wants to deliever through very professional curriculum which mainly depends on flash cards. They are working with the kids very hard as you can see the progress very fast msA I am totally satisfied and I definitely recomend it

    Rana Nour
  • It's amazing nursery treating my daughter as if she's the only child there also the stuff well qualified best nursery.thanks from Khadija's parents

    Karim Bayoumi