About Us

All infants are born with the capacity for genius. The environment, which an enfant is exposed to from birth and onwards, is the determining factor of how this capacity is facilitated, for the infant to develop into the best he or she can be.

There are many theories composed about intelligence, rooted in psychology, sociology, and other schools of science. These theories provide insight into the cognitive capacity of the human brain, and the possibilities of facilitating this capacity to enhance the development of human intelligence. Our mission, after a careful study of such theories, was to produce a curriculum for our nursery, which combines the best of the most prominent learning systems, to put together a ‘miracle medley’, or a certified, combined curriculum for our children, to better prepare them for their life in academia. Through certified exercises, academic curriculums, and linguistic enhancement procedures, our sole goal is to enhance perception, self-awareness, volition, and consciousness of the enfant, to enhance his/her capacity for intellectual thought, which is the core of human intelligence.

Our Mission:

We aim to enhance your child’s cognitive abilities, to better perceive information, form concepts, recognize patterns, make decisions, problem solve, plan, and communicate with the surrounding world, to prepare him/her for a successful future in academia.

Who are we?

We are a team of skilled academics from all over the world, brought together through a curriculum that is meant to kick-start and enhance your child’s ability to process information, and get ready for the long trip in academia. Our goal is to make his/her learning a smooth process, starting from just three months old, and up to 12 years of age. Schooling doesn’t have to be a hectic process, if the child is made ready for it from infancy.

What we offer

The child’s cognitive abilities are built through the child’s interaction with the environment. Our job is to provide an environment, dense enough to cover all aspects that enhance the different forms of intelligence in the child, such as linguistic intelligence, logical and mathematical intelligence, bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, interpersonal and emotional intelligence.

Research has shown that infants from the age of three months and above, have the mental capacity to learn up to 6 languages, four of which Miracle Medley offers through native-speaking teachers of French, German, English, and Arabic backgrounds.

The process of how the brain processes language, which has been the focus of neurosciences, cognitive sciences, linguistics, and the social sciences, requires the brain to perform certain activities, which in a way correlate to enhancement of the brain’s intelligence. Some schools of thought have proven that infants have the capability to learn more languages at a younger age, than when older, and learning several languages, due to the process they enquire, help enhance a child’s intelligence. We offer four languages to the child from the age of three months, for this sole purpose.