Summer Camp

Miracle Medley Summer Camp, like no other, has a different theme every year. This year was our first summer camp at Miracle Medley Nursery, for ages 2 to 12 years. The theme for this year was “Self Discovery”. Through a series of activities, field trips, and collaborative projects, children had a chance to play, but also gain experience learning about themselves, their hobbies, interests, and find their passion. Over a span of four weeks, they also had the chance to learn horseback riding and swimming with professional coaches, music, the arts, and learn how to care for animals. Social skills, like team cooperation, and building friendships were also part of the core of our summer camp.

Miracle Medley Summer Camp is a very important part of our overall program, due to what it contributes to the character building of the child. At Miracle Medley, we use it as a chance for us to
nurture children’s needs, to better prepare them for a brighter future. Building little miracles is the sole goal of our establishment, and every program we create is built for this purpose.

Stay tuned for yearly updates about our Miracle Medley Summer Camp!